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Will Santa Carroll be handing out a termination

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Rumour has it that the Queensland Police Service will giving some serving Police Officers and QPS staff a termination for Christmas.

Not since the terrible days of the Deen Brothers knocking down Brisbane landmarks like the unique Bellevue Hotel and the Cloudland Ballroom have we seen such a demolition job.

Families and lives will be bulldozed thanks to the heartless plans of these uncaring bureaucrats.

Queenslanders are losing capable, experienced Police Officers and QPS staff, leaving the streets to be policed by fewer, less experienced officers. And doing this over the Christmas/New Year period puts a blot on both the Queensland Police Service and Minister Mark Ryan.

Commissioner Carroll, theft, assaults and domestic violence may increase over Christmas thanks to the toxic “command culture” of senior police management which was not stopped during your time in the top job.

This is the same toxic management culture that the recent report into Queensland Police responses to domestic violence found a "failure of leadership" which allowed cultural issues within the service to fester "unchecked" for years.

Have a heart this Christmas. It is time the Police Service welcomed these experienced officers and staff back to work without recriminations. That would be a true Aussie happy Christmas.


Media Contact: Brendon Cook, SOPAA National Secretary  

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