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Legal Representation & Industrial Support

Appropriately qualified and skilled personnel will support any workplace-related matter involving compliance to legislation such as entitlements, bullying and harassment, workplace health and safety or Workcover issues in accordance with By-Laws.

As a member or affiliate you also have access to discounted non-work related legal advice - and there is no charge for the first phone call. Contact our Hotline to find out more.


Membership for Police Officers and Affiliate options

Only working Police Officers may hold the status of Member. Non-working members cannot vote or become a delegate.

Affiliates are entitled to the same Professional Indemnity Insurance coverage, legal backup and support services as Members, the only limitation is that they cannot vote or become a delegate and gain voting rights for the Association.


Enterprise Bargaining & Professional Working Conditions

  • Skilled negotiating of Enterprise Agreements at the branch, regional and state levels
  • Development and management of policy, procedures and systems
  • Identifying, promoting and advocating professional issues to the media and government at state and national level

No Party Politics

No member funds can be used for any party political purpose or to support any political party.

With no class wars to fight, no party political agendas to fulfil, no ideological barrows to push and no exorbitant executive salaries to pay, SOPAA is designed exclusively to look after its members' interests and to provide a mechanism for broad-based policy development that has the potential to enhance members' careers.




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The Sworn Officers' Professional Association of Australia (SOPAA) is an industrial association of employees, whose principal purpose is to protect and promote the interests of members in matters concerning their employment. We are a non-party political alternative to the QPU.