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Protection without the politics

SOPAA members save ~50% on fees compared to ALP-registered trade unions, without sacrificing legal protection or peace of mind. 

 Member Testimonials 

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SOPAA Case Win #1370 - From Injury to Recovery: One Member's Journey with SOPAA

How SOPAA Helped a Member Navigate Workers' Compensation

The workplace can be a dangerous environment, accidents can...

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SOPAA Case Win #1351 - SOPAA Overcomes Discrimination & Bullying

Standing Up Against Discrimination and Bullying: How SOPAA Empowers Workers to Protect Their Rights and Careers


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Will Santa Carroll be handing out a termination

Rumour has it that the Queensland Police Service will giving some serving Police Officers and QPS staff a termination...

 A Proud Red Union 

SOPAA is proudly supported by Red Union Support Hub.

Red Union Support Hub is the umbrella organisation that supports nurses, teachers, doctors, police officers, transport workers and miscellaneous workers all across Australia.

By joining, you will be joining a group of workers over 17,000 strong!

By referring a friend to any Red Union, you will receive a discount on your next membership payment. See which professional associations you can refer to here.

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 Critical Incident Hotline 


We have partnered with Jahnke Lawyers to provide a 24 hour hotline, please call these numbers in a critical incident:

Mobile0418 865 443
Office07 3188 5727

For more information, please see here.

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The Sworn Officers' Professional Association of Australia (SOPAA) is a professional association of employees, whose principal purpose is to protect and promote the interests of members in matters concerning their employment. We are a non-party political alternative to the Police Federation of Australia and their respective State divisions.

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